My first-author and collaborative publications.


  1. Solid Polymer Electrolytes with Enhanced Electrochemical Stability for High-Capacity Aluminum Batteries
    Oi Man Leung,  Leo W. Gordon, Robert J. Messinger, Themis Prodromakis, Julian A. Wharton, Carlos León, and Theresa Schoetz
    Advanced Energy Materials

    Jan 2024


  1. Reversible Zinc Electrodeposition at −60 °C Using a Deep Eutectic Electrolyte for Low-Temperature Zinc Metal Batteries
    Brendan E. Hawkins, Theresa Schoetz,  Leo W. Gordon, Surabh Kt, Jonah Wang, and Robert J. Messinger
    Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

    Feb 2023

  2. Revealing impacts of electrolyte speciation on ionic charge storage in aluminum-quinone batteries by NMR spectroscopy
    Leo W Gordon, Jonah Wang, and Robert J Messinger
    Journal of Magnetic Resonance

    Mar 2023


  1. Formation of a CoMn‐Layered Double Hydroxide/Graphite Supercapacitor by a Single Electrochemical Step
    Atanu Roy, Theresa Schoetz,  Leo W. Gordon, Hung‐Ju Yen, Qingli Hao, and Daniel Mandler

    Nov 2022

  2. Molecular-Scale Elucidation of Ionic Charge Storage Mechanisms in Rechargeable Aluminum–Quinone Batteries
    Leo W. Gordon, Ankur L. Jadhav, Mikhail Miroshnikov, Theresa Schoetz, George John, and Robert J. Messinger
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C

    Aug 2022

  3. Performance Leap of Lithium Metal Batteries in LiPF6 Carbonate Electrolyte by a Phosphorus Pentoxide Acid Scavenger
    Jian Zhang, Jiayan Shi,  Leo W. Gordon, Nastaran Shojarazavi, Xiaoyu Wen, Yifan Zhao, Jianjun Chen, Chi-Cheung Su, Robert J. Messinger, and Juchen Guo
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

    Aug 2022

  4. Soluble Electrolyte-Coordinated Sulfide Species Revealed in Al–S Batteries by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
    Rahul Jay, Ankur L. Jadhav,  Leo W. Gordon, and Robert J. Messinger
    Chemistry of Materials

    May 2022

  5. Disentangling Faradaic, Pseudocapacitive, and Capacitive Charge Storage: A Tutorial for the Characterization of Batteries, Supercapacitors, and Hybrid Systems
    T. Schoetz,  L.W. Gordon, S. Ivanov, A. Bund, D. Mandler, and R.J. Messinger
    Electrochimica Acta

    Apr 2022